Bathroom Design

There are an array of tiles and wallpapers available in the market. By incorporating the right tile in the right manner, one can redefine the bathroom space completely. According to krishan kumar , Founder of ojaswal can be used to highlight particular areas. She avers , you could choose a simple, plain tile for the …

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A Photo frame is a simultaneously decorative and protective edging for a picture, such as a painting or photograph. Photo frames help you showcase the wonderful memories that you’ve captured in the past. . Ojaswal have a variety of wooden photo frames online in India for you, the memories of your past.

swimming pool

Indoor Swimming Pools  Many enjoy using outdoor swimming pools to exercise, spend time with friends or family, and work on their tans. And while the winter months may not be conducive for swimmers, or their tans, an easy alternative exists: indoor swimming pools. What some of these closed pools lack in natural outdoor gratification, they …

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Wardrobe Designs

As functional as they are aesthetic, our sleek and stylish wardrobe designs are ideal to make the best use of every inch of space. We ojaswal transform good interior design ideas into great spaces that work.

Ojaswal Kitchen Designs As the centre of your home, the kitchen radiates warmth and care. Our ojaswal interior designer works with your vision, your lifestyle, and your budget to create kitchens that you will like